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The Inclusive Education Program allows children with special needs to learn and grow in an environment of acceptance and understanding. Each child is embraced for his or her unique gifts.

The educational goal is to allow each student to realize his/her full potential and become an active and contributing member of his/her community.

The program is available for children of all faiths ages 5-21, offering a curriculum of academics, spiritual development, social development, and includes specialized services such as instruction in daily living skills, motor skills, behavioral support, and speech and language therapy.


Moral Foundation

Students at St. Anthony participate in grade-level appropriate religion classes and religious curriculum. They are given sacramental preparation and the opportunity to make First Holy Communion and Reconciliation with their peers.


Support Services

Music Therapy. St. Anthony’s provides music therapy in collaboration with the Fine Arts Miracles Foundation, Inc. This is provided once per week at all of our elementary sites.


Social Robotic Therapy

St. Anthony's provides social robotic therapy in collaboration with the Fine Arts Miracles Foundation, Inc. This is provided once per week at all of our elementary sites.


Speech and Language Therapy

All students enrolled in the elementary and high school programs in need of assistance with their functional communication skills are provided with speech and language therapy. Students improve upon their articulation, language, social skills and grammar. Therapy is provided in individual, small group and classroom sessions.


Behavioral Support

St. Anthony’s provides additional support for behavioral issues for students in need. A clinical psychologist consults with the St. Anthony Behavioral Health Counselor to implement behavioral management plans, stress and anger management, relaxation training and interpersonal skill development. These services are administrated through small and large group setting, individual counseling and consultation with the resource room and regular education school staff. In addition, the behavioral health counselor speaks to peers of St. Anthony students on disability awareness, helping resource room teachers facilitate friendships between St. Anthony students and their regular education peers.

St. Anthony School Programs

For over 65 years, St. Anthony School Programs has been helping students of all faiths with intellectual disabilities live their lives to the fullest academically, socially, vocationally and spiritually.









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