Student Spotlight:

Matthew Stock

As Matthew grew at St. Therese, it seemed at times he was having problems and did not keep up with the rest of the class. After a few years, we decided to have him evaluated at the end of six grade.

Matthew entered St. Anthony School Programs in 7th grade. It has been one of the most wonderful feelings to hear Matthew say how he enjoyed school again. The dedication, patience and knowledge of the St. Anthony’s teachers and staff provided to Matthew has helped him to make tremendous strides and understanding of subjects of which he was somewhat confused before.

As Matthew enters 10th grade at Serra Catholic High School, the program put in place for him has fortified our faith in the people of St. Anthony’s. Matthew has also gained self-confidence and has become more outgoing with his interest in sports and life.

Basketball and bowling have become his favorites. Matthew is planning to go out for the Serra basketball team this winter. Additionally, he played for the Pittsburgh Buckets AAU Basketball team this past summer. His other interests include: watching Netflix and YouTube, playing basketball outside, going out with friends and attending Serra events.

student spotlight; matthew stock