Student Spotlight:

Samantha Schultz

Samantha (Sammie) Schulz is a spunky, empathetic sophomore at Serra Catholic High School who is willing to help with any task.   Being the firstborn, Sammie enjoys the company of the adults in the room; wanting to be put to work; wanting to please. Always happy to be given responsibility and authority. Organization is one of her strong suits. This attribute allows for success in the assignments that are tackled. Her successes and confidence were nurtured through the St. Anthony School Programs.  Life wasn’t always that way.

Sammie’s educational journey started when her Kindergarten teacher stated that she thought Sammie needed to be in St. Anthony’s.  This was met with disbelief and resistance. Her mom was a substitute teacher and saw other students in that class struggling, too.  Homework took some time to do, but it seemed manageable. When 1st grade came around, homework took most of the evening and was often accompanied by tears.  Sammie needed a special education program. Her parents wanted her to attend an inclusive Catholic school.  The St. Anthony’s classroom at Word of God School, along with Sr. Mary Victor, Mrs. Begley and all of her wonderful staff, provided Sammie with the support that was necessary for her to find success and begin to thrive.  Sammie was learning in her own Sammie way! Circumstances required us to make a change and Sammie was under the care of Mrs. Brunner at St. Mary’s. The experience at St. Mary’s was amazing; with more success; more confidence.  Through her elementary years, she played on the basketball team and developed a love for singing, and even performed in her first talent show. Sammie is a member of Serra’s school choir, our Parish’s adult and youth choirs, and cantors.  

The secondary education program has provided the opportunity to go out into the work field.  She’s currently working as a teacher assistant at Mary of Nazareth and loving it! When her high school has the day off, she volunteers at our Parish preschool and local Catholic elementary school.

Sammie’s dream is to work for the St. Anthony School Programs as a teacher’s assistant.  She wants to work in Education. We have full confidence that she can accomplish anything that she sets her mind to:  on Sammie time: in her own Sammie way.

St. Anthony’s has taken our girl from tears to hopes and dreams.  Thank You doesn’t seem adequate enough but THANK YOU!!

Amy and Bob Schulz

sammie schultz; student spotlight